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Canary islands - A Short Trip Into The Sun
The 30-kilometer stretch after Costa Tequise is a tourist resort, so we seek shelter from the slowly growing wind in the bay of Enseneda de la Gorrina and set up camp.
  We make ourselves comfortable among the lava rocks and prepare for a longer stay. The boats we put in a place where they will be safe from the floods. Then, we stock up on drinking water in nearby Costa Tequise and gape at the grandiose buildings of the tourist resort.
  Since the wind has calmed down during the night, the glorious sunrise raises our hopes. But as soon as the great fireball has risen from the ocean, the wind gets up and churns up the sea. We look at the white-crested waves and know : this is a good day for hiking.
  First, we scale the volcano Montana Corona. From its peak, at an altitude of 229 meters, you are probably treated to magnificent views across the whole of Lanzarote in clear weather. Alas, we are buffeted by the misty storm and 70-kilometer winds.
We follow a dried-out riverbed that is deeply embedded in the lava and forms countless little caves. In this damp depression, we come across the only small trees that haven't been planted by humans. Due to a lack of rain, agriculture is dependent on artificial irrigation.
Having walked for some hours, we arrive in Villa Tequise, Lanzarote's oldest town. The clean squares and beautifully restored buildings illustrate that tourism has brought a certain prosperity.
  Above Villa Tequise, on the rim of the defunct Guanapay Volcano, stands an old castle. The museum inside is dedicated to the emigrants who left the Canary Islands during the past centuries to try their luck in America.
After this tiring hike, we find a nice bar in town and enjoy a beer in the setting sun.

By the following day, the wind has calmed down a little, so we try to at least make it to Arrecife airport through 3-meter high waves and a headwind of 5 Beaufort. After about an hour, we reach the port entrance of Costa Tequise and decide to land there. Because of the strong surf and the uncertain landing conditions, we feel it would be too dangerous to go on. Our schedule is very tight, and we are therefore already forced to move on to Plan B. We take a taxi south, past the tourist resorts that don't interest us anyway. We mean to continue our trip from the Parrot beaches. You can only get to the beaches via a piste, so the driver drops us at the harbour of Playa Blanco. Our original plan was to paddle from there to the Playas Papageijos, but it is scuppered by the harbour master, who has closed the harbour and won't allow us to leave from there. We can see that the harbour mole is being engulfed by foam and spray, and even the ferry service to Fuerteventura had stopped operating the day before. In other words: >>It's a wee bit windy today.<<.

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