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Canary islands - A Short Trip Into The Sun
  We pay a small fee to stow our boats and baggage at the sailing school in the harbour, and set off on foot for the beaches in the east. Here, we realize that the beaches are full of sharp-edged rock formations. We don't fancy being thrown onto them by the surf, so we are glad that we are able to look for a suitable landing spot at our leisure. This knowledge will come in handy when we fetch our boats the next day.
  This is a view of the southernmost beach. Unfortunately, its off-shore rocks render a landing undesirable here.

The next morning, the conditions seem fairly good. The harbour mole, however, is still being pounded by almost 3-meter high waves. A pleasure boat slowly crosses these choppy waters at a right angle to the waves, and starts to roll alarmingly, severely testing the stomachs of its passengers.

  Landing is a challenge: firstly, we have to find the right stretch of beach without rocks and, secondly, we have to catch the right wave.
  Because we can't see the beach from our waiting position outside the surf zone, and the wave only builds up directly in front of the beach, we need luck on our side when we choose our moment.
We manage to hit the right spot, the just 15-meter wide, rock-free stretch of the Playa del Pozo. Now we must quickly jump out of the boats, otherwise the receding waves will pull us back into the surf. These beaches are patrolled regularly, therefore, we wait until dark before we put up our tent.
  The weather forecast declares that the south winds are dying down, so we get ready for the southward crossing to Fuerteventura. We leave at sunrise, in order to make full use of the quiet morning hours.
  Ninety minutes later, we reach Isla de Lobos, which means that the open water is already behind us. The south wind slowly picks up again, and white foam crowns the waves.
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