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Canary islands - A Short Trip Into The Sun
We arrive at the sandy beaches of El Sable, a vast desert landscape. Moisture, driven by the wind, rises up at the mountains in the south and forms dark clouds. Every few minutes, squalls of heavy rain pass over the beach. After an hour's break, we set off again.
  West of the abandoned ruins of El Fuerte, on the Playa del Chinorro, we find a stony beach for our camp. The Barranco del Cabadero, which is dried-out most of the time, has been transformed into a muddy stream by the rain, and has turned large areas of the beach into a brown soup.
A few meters above the beach, we locate a dry spot for our tent. It is normally used as a turning area for vehicles. A little further on, we meet one of the inhabitants of a poor encampment made up of shacks. Not everyone on this island has benefitted from tourism.
Early the next morning, we're back in our boats again and, at midday, we reach the large port of Puerto del Rosario. You can already hear the generators of the electric power station from far away. We ride on southwards. We're trying to get as close to the airport as we can, as we're hoping to walk there later.
  We spot a wide sandy beach at the Playa Blanca and, with heavy hearts, we choose to end our paddling trip here. However, when we take a look around, we realize that camping isn't really possible here, as the beach is too close to the road. Walking to the airport isn't feasible, either, as we'd have to haul our boats down a four-lane motorway.
Finally, we take a room in a hotel and enjoy our last afternoon, drinking home-made cappuccinos on the shady balcony. The fuel has to be used up anyway, and the tiles can surely cope with the heat from the stove.
Our boats are put in a shady place, too, where we can get them ready for the flight. (We take off the steering system and protect the bow and stern with bubble wrap and tape.) Then, after having booked another taxi with a roof rack for the next day, we spend our last evening relaxing on the beach in the glow of the setting sun.
  So here we are, back at the airport again after just one week, and keeping our fingers crossed that the airline will bring our boats safely back to Germany, when we are told that our Airbus 360 has been cancelled and is being replaced by two smaller Airbuses 320. We're just relieved that this is happening on the return flight. For we're convinced that the boats won't fit into the hold. After takeoff, however, one of the stewards comes over and reassures us: >>Everything is on board<<

Back in Germany, we're both amazed, and agree: >>We can't believe that we've
only been away for a week. We've had so many impressions and experiences,
it felt much longer.<<.

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