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M e n u e
Round Tierra del Fuego in a folding kayak
There are high, at times glaciated, mountains on both sides of the Beagle Channel. We are now coming across broken-off ice, and here, Frank is rehearsing an emergency, in case his boat should finally give up the ghost.
  You have to be careful close to the glaciers' breakoff edges. The tidal wave caused by this breakoff almost swept away our boats, which were resting on the rocks.
We are having a truly relaxing time in the Beagle Channel, and we keep passing bays with glacial breakoffs and rocks with colonies of sea lions.
  Because the weather is so calm, and the difficult conditions that our schedule allows for don't materialize, we are left with plenty of time on our hands every night, and we enjoy the pleasant sides of such a tour (i.e. baking cookies, relaxing, bird watching). Hake, sardines, mussels and sea urchins now improve our normally rather monotonous menu.
A view from above of the Beagle Channel and its sheltered bays. In the foreground is one of the rare sandy beaches.
  From up here, we watch for a long time as a young condor attempts to fly for the first time with the help of the upwind
In the evening, we watch a large flock of albatrosses, which are swimming around in our bay. Upon closer observation, we realize that large shoals of sardines are moving along the shore. We quickly take off our shoes and trousers and have a go at fishing, armed with our pots and pans. The shoals grow ever denser, and we start to use our bare hands. It feels like reaching into a bucket full of fish.
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